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Gourmet Carl

Every day

Gourmet scoreboard

If you are in the Kloostergang anyway, you can take part in our Blind Trials competition. Every year we fight for the most stripes. Every day there is a prize to be won and the final master taster with the most stripes wins a free barrel!

The annual winner gets a free keg!

WINNER 2021: 1) Adam 2) Carl 3) Marieke

WINNER 2022: 1) Carl 2) Adam 3) Sister Pia

WINNAAR 2023: 1) Carl     2) Zuster Pia  3) Koen

Every Sunday

Trappist Tribute game

Receive a receipt for each drink and maybe you will take the prize home. The person with the most receipts will already win the Trappist Consolation Prize. 

Draw is every Sunday at 9 p.m.!

Trappist Tribute Game
Trappist brunch

BRUNCH à la trappist

Brunch with family and/or friends (By reservation!)

We invite you to enjoy our full trappist assortment.

What can you taste?

  • Bubbles: the monks in Fleur des Neiges have been making bubbles that will blow you away for years.
  • Bread: this is baked in the Westmalle bakery. We also provide some ciabattas with sea salt and Mediterranean herbs. Spread some of the sisters' good jam on it and it is complete.
  • Monastery pig: Yes, enjoy quality pork. Respect for people, animals and the
    environment produces the best taste and quality. Coppa, dry sausage and freshly sliced Bernardus ham bring you closer to heaven.
  • Cheese: A full range of hard, soft, creamy and mature cheese.
  • Fondue: melted cheese from Chimay.
  • Stew: home-made stew with various Trappist products.
  • Cheese and bitterballen: should certainly not be missing either.

For groups of 8 to 25 people - 11:00 am to 2:00 pm on request

€30.00 p.p. (drinks not included)
€45.00 p.p. All-in with draught beer, wines and hot/fresh drinks.

Private event

Birthday / Retirement / Bachelorette / Teambuilding

Organize a unique Trappist tasting at your home or business. We will come by with all our stories and products.

Still going to Aarschot? Come celebrate in our cozy drinking and dining establishment! We provide Trappist snacks and your party can enjoy the unique Trappist offerings. Enjoy alcohol-free Trappist beer or delectable Holy Made Lemonades, but there is also a wide selection of Trappist wines. And, last but not least, exquisite beers on tap!

For groups of 8 to 40 people.

Birthday Sofie


De Kloostergang by Trappist® Tribute

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