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Kenny and Koen in De Kloostergang. Illustration photo tastings.

Trappist tasting

Tasty, Informative and Sociable!

The Kloostergang team organises tasting sessions. During such a tasting, you learn about the Trappist order, the abbeys, the breweries, the beers and much more. All this while supporting a good cause.

Do you want more than just beer? We also offer various other products during a tasting such as cheese, bread, chocolate, wines,...

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16/4 Noorderwijk
18/4 Meerle
19/4 Lovenjoel
23/4 Scherpenheuvel
23/5 Opwijk
24/5 Alken
25/5 Werm
2/6 Zemst
6/6 Tielen
7/6 Neerwinden
14/6 Oplinter

In De Kloostergang

Where better to organise a tasting than in the place with the largest trappist menu in the world? In the heart of Aarschot you will discover the Trappist world in a unique setting. You will taste craftsmanship and we will take you into this interesting Trappist world through word and image.

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Trappist bar De Kloostergang in Aarschot

On location

We like to come to your place to enjoy the various Trappist beers together. We discover different tastes and smells, while telling anecdotes all the time. We taste well-known but also often unknown international Trappists. Ideal as a fun teambuilding or for large groups.

Get to know as a team the tradition, values and norms of the monks during this surprising activity for associations and companies.

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At home

There is no designated driver around and everyone wants to participate? Then this is the perfect option. Together, at your home, we will discover the Trappist world. We bring our glasses, beers and funny anecdotes and test our palette together.

We taste different Trappist beers at your pace and learn something about our Belgian beer culture. A small group of friends or a large family, ideal to learn together in a fun way.

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Tasting with Trappist beer Zundert 8

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What do customers think of The Kloostergang?

Google Rating: 4.8/5
Kurt Vanwezer, BE
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2 young, passionate people who run a Trappist café very well. Original and nice decoration, a bit of a brown café from the old days and all the Trappist beers from all over the world on the menu. Some also on draught... Very exceptional. Please keep up the good work. You can also eat very tasty cheese and meat platters... everything from Trappist monasteries.
The TripAdvisor Rating: 5/5
Brent de Wijngaert, BE
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Superb restaurant with a fantastic concept! This place is run by two passionate young guys. A delicious collection of Trappist beers, known and (to me) unprecedented! You can also enjoy an assortment of cheese and other products. There is a cosy atmosphere in the shop and it is beautifully decorated!
Facebook Reviews: 4.9/5
Arvid Bergström, NL
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Terribly beautiful beers, delicious cheese, tasty mustard and wonderful beer packages with Trappist beer!

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De Kloostergang by Trappist® Tribute

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